Asian Giant Fawn - C.huahini

Chilobrachys huahini – C. huahini – Asian Giant Fawn

C.huahini are fascinating tarantulas displaying some of the most varied behaviour within one species, I have observed. These tarantulas readily embrace a arboreal. What is most noteworthy about the C.huahini is it’s extensive web spinning. The C.huahini will quickly adapt it’s enclosure to it’s preferred living conditions. I have seen C.huahini living as arboreals yet my own C.huahini has burrowed more extensively than my H.lividum. The varied terrain of Malaysia may give us a clue as to why the C.huahini is one of the most adaptable tarantualas I’ve experienced.

The C.huahini is most certainly not a beginner species purely because of it’s astounding speed. In my personal experience I found comparisons to the OBT exaggerated. The C.huahini is ridiculously fast and very nervous. While it’s always difficult to generalise on the temperement of a species, I’ve always found that a C.huahini with an established burrow will make a run for it before looking for a fight. As always my advice is don’t startle your tarantula and always give it the option of retreat, cornering your furiously fanged friend is a recipe for tears.

SubFamily Selenocosmiinae
Genus Chilobrachys
Species Chilobrachys huahini – C. huahini

Common Names Asian Fawn, Asian Giant Fawn, Giant Asian Fawn
Tarantula Country of Origin Old World – Malaysia,Thailand
Natural Habitat of Tarantula

Tropical Rain Forest home of C.huahini Thailand,Malaysia (Malaysia’s rainy season extends from August to February, the proximity to the sea keeps temperatures fairly stable between 20-30 degrees celsius all year round)
Housing The C.huahiniis terrestrial but also an opportunistic burrower (anecdotal evidence suggest they may be semi-arboreal – though I suspect this is more opportunistic than preference)

Size 6 inches or 15cm
Temperature 70F to 80F or 21C – 28C

Humidity Medium 70 to 80%
Temperement Skittish and Defensive – The C.huahini is very fast and quite nervous it will attempt to run away first but will defend it’s personal space if cornered
Enclosure The C.huahini will need a terrestrial enclosure with floor space more important than height. 2-3inches or 5 to 7cm of substrate (younger C. huahini will burrow) Length and width of the enclosure should at the very least be 3 times the length of the Tarantula. The Asian Giant Fawn is very hard working and will web and web and web. It is also quite active though quite private.

Substrate Potting Soil/Peat Moss, Vermiculite or mix of Peat and vermiculite

Decorations Provide at least one burrow and realistic surroundings including plants. For a C.huahini 3 inches or larger supply a water dish. Don’t be alarmed if the Asian Giant Fawn Rejects your burrow though as they can be little bulldozers and may prefer building their own burrow.
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