Cyclosternum Fasciatum - Tiger Rump Tarantula

Sub Family Theraphosinae
Genus Cyclosternum
Species Cyclosternum fasciatum – C. fasciatum (A common mistake is to call this species, C.fasciata this is a common mistake and normally caused by confusing Poecilotheria fasciata – P.fasciata with C.fasciatum
Meaning of Scientific Name Cyclosternum = circle, circular + sternum, breastbone
fasciatum = band, necklace
Common Names Tiger Rump, Costa Rican Tiger Rump
Tarantula Country of Origin New World – Costa Rica
Natural Habitat of Tarantula
Tropical Rain Forest of Costa Rica and Gautemala
The Cyclosternum Fasciatum is less bulky than many new world species. The Cyclosternum Fasciatum,
Housing Terrestrial but also an opportunistic burrower
Size 3-4.5 inches or 8 – 12cm though C. Fasciatum tends more toward 3-4 inches or 8 – 10cm
Temperature 70F to 80F or 21C – 28C
Humidity Medium 70 to 80%
Temperement Skittish and Defensive very quick to kick hair. Many keepers will tell you that the Cyclosternum Fasciatum can be a particularly nasty piece of work. In my experience with this species, the Tiger Rump is defensive and very aggressively defends it’s territory. However giving the Cyclosternum Fasciatum some additional space to establish a defensible burrow will help. I find if using the minimum size enclosure the Cyclosternum Fasciatum is very intolerant of intrusions.
Enclosure Terrestrial enclosure with floor space more important than height. 2-3inches or 5 to 7cm of substrate (younger C. Fasciatum will dig) Length and width should at the very least be 3 times the length of the spider the tiger rump is quite active and makes a great display spider if given the space to roam around it’s enclosure.
Substrate Potting Soil/Peat Moss, Vermiculite or mix of Peat and vermiculite
Decorations Provide at least one burrow and realistic surroundings including plants for tarantulas 3 inches or larger supply a water dish

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